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    Safari FAQS

    Why Kenya safari? Why travel with Expedition Kenya Safari?

    Most popular tourist destination in East Africa is Kenya! Kenya is home to some of the greatest wildlife populations in the world, with more than 80 major animal species. Kenya has a moderate climate and as it's located on the equator, it makes for a comfortable year-round travel destination. Kenya is also one of the greatest countries in Africa for bird-watching, with 1,054 recorded avian species- nearly 60 percent of all African birds. Best safari destinations in Kenya include: Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Mount Kenya, Tsavo National Parks, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Mombasa Beach, Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo springs National Reserves.


    Expedition Kenya Safari welcomes you with the same warm hospitality & warm smile that we would extend to you if you were to visit our personal village homes in Kenya. From the moment you get in touch with us, we cultivate a friendship bond destined to last forever. We are authentic and respectful to you, our country's people, culture, environment, wildlife, national parks and reserves. We speak the language of Hospitality, Safari, Friendship and much more. Our company family is efficiently run by high energy Kenyan natives who exhibit great warm personality, awesome attitude, patience and know how to embrace you with a WOW experience. We pride ourselves in quick* response to requests and pay courtesy calls to our safari driver guides in regards to your safari progress while on safari.We are honored by your presence and would love to enjoy each others company wholeheartedly with love.


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    Where should I go on my safari holiday?

    Kenya is an ideal location for wildlife safari, cultural safari, bird watching safari, photography safari, adventure safari, sports safari, beach safari,family safari, and honeymoon/wedding safari. So depending on your desires, we can recommend a variety of spectacular locations in Kenya

    Is Travel/Trip Insurance required?

    It is MANDATORY and a condition for booking a safari with Expedition Kenya Safari.It is the guest's sole responsiblity to ensure that they have current, valid and comprehensive travel medical insurance to cover themselves and any dependants or companions travelling with them.

    What Travel Documents are required?

    A valid passport and visa are required for entry into Kenya.

    How to apply online for a Kenya eVisa.

    1. Click register on www.ecitizen.go.ke

    2. Select Register as a Visitor

    3. Once logged in, select Department Of Immigration Services

    4. Select submit application

    5. Select Kenyan Visa

    6. Select type of Visa. We recommend "Single Entry Visa" 

    7. Fill in the application form

    8. Pay using Visa card, Master card debit cards or credit card 

    9. Await approval via e mail. Usually 3 days

    10. Upon approval, download and print the eVisa from your eCitizen account

    11. Present your printed eVisa to the Immigration Officer at your port of entry

    Since the estimated approval time is 3 days , we recommend that you apply at least 14 working days prior to your travel date to Kenya. Also note that single entry visas are valid for only 90 days after date of issue and hence should not be applied until less than 3 months prior to arrival date in Kenya.

    Also kindly check with your Doctor or Physician for any vaccinations that you may require. Documents showing proof of required vaccinations will be required for entry into Kenya.


    What are the types of safari accommodations in Kenya.

    Kenya's safari lodge and hotel accommodations range from deluxe, world-class properties to local inns, full-service tented camps, game-park lodges, beach resorts and camp grounds. Currently we are only recommending properties that are Mid Luxury and above. 

    What is a typical day on Safari.

    Unless noted otherwise, your safari will begin the moment we pick you up from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. Thereafter we will head to your preferred hotel accommodation for an overnight stay. We highly recommend a first night overnight stay in Nairobi so that you can be reasonably rested from the jet lag. Also due to time constraints, there are no National parks or reserves close enough for us to arrive on time if we were to depart the same day you land in Nairobi. 

    After arrival at your preferred accommodation at the National park or reserve and depending on your arrival time, you can either enjoy one or two game drives a day or a full day game drive. Early morning game drives generally start at around 6:30 am. This is a great time to encounter wildlife as it is still cool and they are more active. Your driver guide will open the pop up roof of your custom Safari vehicle so as to enjoy maximum view. Early morning game drive usually last till around 8:30 am so as to return in time for breakfast.

    The second game drive is normally from 4pm till dusk. In between the game drives, one can enjoy other amenities such as the pool and spa depending on what is offered.

    A full day game drive is also another great option especially if you are staying for more than 2 nights at any of our National Parks. Typically we will depart after breakfast and spend the rest of the day enjoying the magnificent wildlife that we are bound to encounter. We will enjoy our packed safari picnic lunch while on our full day game drive.

    Do you offer other travel services apart from safaris?

    Plans are on the way to offer other travel related services.

    Where is there no indication of price for your safari packages?

    We strive to offer competitive pricing for our packages while still maintaining a high level of satisfaction. Due to fluctuation of exchange rates, room rates and price of gas coupled by high season and low season for safari, we promise to always quote you our best offers. It is also highly recommended that you plan your safari as far in advance as possible ie several months before actual travel date. For actual pricing, feel free to contact us with your safari details.

    What forms of payments do you accept?

    We accept most major credit cards and bank wire transfers unless noted otherwise. Credit card transactions have an additional 5% transaction fee per transaction imposed by the respective credit card processing company. Aso check for any additional fees that your credit card company might charge you. An invoice payment request e mail will be sent to your specified e mail address.It is of extreme importance that you read and accept Expedition Kenya Safari Terms & Conditions including cancellation and refund policy. Currency must be in US DOLLARS.


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    I am interested in a safari:What is my next step?

    Please free to contact us via our Contact Us section and let us know if you are interested in our already pre set safari itineraries or you would prefer to modify one of our itineraries or simply start from scratch.

    Is Kenya secure to visit on safari?

    Like any other country, Kenya may have a few security concerns but the Kenya government is taking every possible step to ensure your safety during your visit to our beautiful and peace loving country. 

    Below are a few basic precautionary measures you should take:

    • Keep your valuables in a safe place and when possible, out of view
    • Avoid flashing a lot of money in public
    • Avoid walking outside your hotel/ lodge/ camp after dark
    • Report any suspicious behavior

    What type of safari vehicles do you use?

    • Custom 4X4 Safari Land Cruiser with pop up roof top (Our Favorite)
    • Custom Safari Vans with pop up roof top upon request 

    All our guests are guaranteed a window seat.

    What are the health precautions for Kenya?

    Like any other country, Kenya might have some health precautions that must be adhered to.

    • It is advisable that you take malaria tablets before entering Kenya. Start the course at least one week before entering Kenya. Please consult your physician or General Practitioner for additional details.
    • Bottled mineral water is widely available in Kenya at reasonable prices. Tap water is not recommended for drinking
    • Inoculation against Yellow fever and Cholera may be mandatory depending on the country where the travel originates. Anyone entering Kenya from or through a Yellow Fever infected area, must be in possession of a valid International certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever not older than 12 months.
    • If you are travelling FROM Kenya or other East African countries or even other countries prone to Yellow Fever, it is MANDATORY that you possess a valid Yellow Fever Certificate prior to arrival to the following countries: Australia, China, Tanzania, Dubai, Bahrain, Rwanda, Indonesia, Mauritius, Seychelles, Malaysia, India, Uganda etc
    • Your doctor can help you decide which vaccines are suitable for you

    When is the best time to go to Kenya on safari?

    Kenya has moderate climate as it is located on the equator. However certain times of the year are best suited for certain activities. January through March are usually hot and dry and hence great for wildlife viewing. If you are interested in experiencing the annual wildebeest Migration, the suggested time is between July and September. Please note that migration cycle timing is unpredictable and hence we are not liable for any timing miscalculations. Also sighting a river crossing of the wildebeest is not guaranteed. The long rains are usually from April to May but can start as early as late March and end early June. November and December is characterised by the short rains. Due to changing Global Weather patterns, some variations might occur.

    Which months are classified as HIGH/PEAK SEASON for safari travel in Kenya?

    Official HIGH/PEAK SEASON normally falls during the dry months of July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February and March.

    Low season usually falls during the wet months of April to June. If you have any doubts about visiting during the long rains then don't as you will experience Kenya at its most colourful time.

    Do you offer flight reservations?

    Yes we are more than happy to assist you with both international and domestic flights.

    What are the Hours of Operation of Expedition Kenya Safari?

    Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM

    Also feel free to get in touch with us via phone or e mail anytime. We promise a 24HR response.

    Do we offer personalised safari packages?

    We are more than happy to tailor-make or customize safaris for you according to your preferences and budget.

    Do you offer family friendly safaris?

    Kenya is a family-friendly country, with plenty of activities for adults and kids alike.Please note children sharing with an adult above 3 years but less than 12 years shall be charged 50% of the adult rate but maximum of two in a room. Two children above 3 years but below 12 years sharing in own private room shall be charged 75% of the room rate. Any changes to the said policy will be communicated in advance. 

    What is the time difference Kenya?

    Kenya: GMT +3 hours

    What Currency is Used in Kenya

    The official currency of Kenya is the Kenya Shilling (KES). Kindly note that you can withdraw Kenya shillings using your VISA CARD from any of the bank ATM machines located at the JKIA airport or any major city in Kenya.

    We highly recommend that you use the ATM machines at the airport upon arrival. Kenya shillings can also be converted back to US Dollars, English Pound or Euros at the numerous Currency Bureau Exchange at the airport or major city in Kenya.

    TODAY'S EXCHANGE RATE: For the latest Kenya Shilling Exchange currency rates.

    For a 7 Days Safari, we recommend that you convert or withdraw an equivalent of USD $200. Shopping can be done in cash or by card.

    What is the General Tipping Guideline in Kenya

    Depending on the level of service that you feel you have received, the suggested tipping guideline is as follows:

    For hotel staff such as porters, a tip ranging from a Dollar and above per bag is suggested.

    For hotel staff such as waiters, a tip ranging from a few Dollars is suggested.

    For your Driver Guide, a tip ranging from USD $5 per person per day is suggested.

    What are the Road Conditions in Kenya

    Depending on which part of Kenya we will be enjoying our safari, road conditions can range from smooth to rough and dusty.

    Dusty corrugated road surfaces are common as we approach most parks & reserves in Kenya and the general drive time on such roads can range from an hour and a half to 2 hours.

    Always feel free to ask our Driver Guide to stop the vehicle in case you need a mini break.

    How long are the Drive Times

    Due to traffic and road conditions, drive times can range from four and half hours to six hours.

    We always have mini breaks at designated rest stops along the way. These rest stops offer a combination of rest rooms and curio shops.



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